Social media tool comparison

There are a lot of different social media tools. These tools have different features and functionalities and therefore have different plans and pricing. For this reason we have created the social media comparison tool below.

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Why should you use a social media tool?

The world of social media has been growing for years. According to SmartInsight’s research, 53.6% of the world’s population is using social media with an average daily user time of 2 hours and 25 minutes. This is an huge audience that can be reached.

With a social media management tool, you can manage all your social media accounts as a business. Many companies also use this to manage the social media accounts of their clients or customers. You can use many options that make managing social media accounts easy. Think of the scheduling of messages to the monitoring of interaction.

Choose a social media tool that fits you strategy

The social media tool comparison takes all the options into account into that are important for your business. For example, the tool compares on the number of social media profiles, the number of team members, the cost and all additional options. Many tools have the most standard features, such as: posting, scheduling posts and responding to comments. In addition, there is a lot of difference in the benefits that you get from one tool and not another.

Compare social media tool prices

In addition to the differences in features, you will also see large price differences among the plans that are offered. This makes it important to specify what features the tool needs. You want the tool that fits within your strategy. For this reason, you want to get the right social media tool based on your requirements and wishes.

Independent comparison

After a few Google searches, you will come across many commercial companies comparing social media tools. And yes, they all put themselves at the top of the comparison. This makes the comparison unfair and so as a potential user you don’t get a good idea what really is the best social media tool for you.

Tool2Grow’s tool is independent and compares social media tools with as many variables as possible. This way you can easily find the tool that is best for you as an individual or a company.

Frequently asked questions about social media tools

Social media tools are programs that can manage one or more social media accounts. In addition, social media tools can schedule posts and monitor statistics.

Our independent comparison tool shows that Hootsuite is the best social media tool. This is based on the price, the number of users, the features and the number of platforms that can be linked.

Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Buffer, Crowdfire, Socialbu, Later and Metricool all have free packages. Here the features are often limited, but it is a free tool.