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They call themself the smartest all-in-one social media management program for marketeers, influencers, entrepreneurs and businesses: SmarterQueue. They focus on the time saving benefit when you work with their program. For example, you save hours in the week for manually scheduling your posts on social media. With SmarterQueue you save time and money. After reading this article you know exactly which plan is right for your business. Learn about SmarterQueue’s pricing and plans.

SmarterQueue’s plans and prices

Solo – $19.99/mo

SmarterQueue’s cheapest plan is: ‘Solo’ and costs $19.99 per month. This plan allows you to link 4 social media accounts. With these 4 accounts you can post 10 posts per day per linked account. This means that with the solo plan you can post 40 posts per day. If you want to link more social media accounts, it is possible to pay an extra of $7 per additional account. You can also post 10 posts with these additional accounts. In case you choose one extra account in addition to the Solo plan, you pay $26.99 per month and are able to post 50 posts in total for this price.

Business – $39.99/mo

With SmarterQueue’s Business plan 10 different social media accounts can be linked, allowing you to post 20 messages per linked account per day. For $5 per month, you can get an additional profile. These additional accounts could add up to a maximum of 220 posts per day. You get to create and save multiple posts in SmarterQueue’s library. With the business plan you can do this with 1000 posts. However, with the solo plan this is 500. With the Business plan you can also upload up to 200 posts via a csv file which is not possible with the solo plan.

Agency – $79.99/mo

This plan is the most expensive standard plan and is aimed at managing multiple organizations in 1 tool. If you manage social media for multiple companies, then this plan is extremely useful. You can link 25 different social media accounts in total for different companies and can post 40 posts per social media account per day. That comes down to 1000 posts per day for this plan, you can also add extra accounts for $4 per account per month. With Agency, you schedule as many as 2500 posts through SmarterQueue’s library and import up to 200 posts via a csv file.

Custom SmarterQueue pricing plan

If there are no plans that fits for your company, then you have the option for a custom SmarterQueue pricing plan. This does not necessarily have to be an expensive plan, the plan is then better suited for your needs and requirements. The plan can be assembled based on the following aspects: social media accounts, number of posts per day, content categories, queued posts and RSS Auto-importers.

Important to know is that SmarterQueue gives away huge discounts for non-profit organizations, charities and education. These discounts can be as much as 50% when you contact them. If you do plan to generate profit from your social media activities, don’t worry. SmarterQueue offers a 15% discount when you pay per year instead of per month.

Want to try SmarterQueue or want more information? Click here.

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