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Nowadays there are quite a few programs to keep track of your social media activities. You can use them to post, plan, gain insights and communicate with your target audience. In general, all these programs can do the same thing, but which program do you choose? To help you make a choice we will explain two well-known social media tools: Hootsuite vs Loomly.

Which program you can use best of course depends on what your goals are when it comes to social media marketing. For this reason, the right choice is actually different for each company. We have therefore created an independent comparison tool to help you make the best choice. Use the filters relevant to your goals and find the perfect social media marketing tool.

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About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the most used tool when it comes to managing your social media. Hootsuite was founded in 2008 by the CEO Ryan Holmes and his 2 co-founders Dario and David. With over 1500 employees and a customer base of over 18 million they are based in Vancouver. Hootsuite offers 4 different plans that range from $45 to over $650 a month. In addition, they also offer a custom plan that can be customized should the other packages not be to your liking.

About Loomly

Loomly was founded in 2016 in Los Angelos, California. Loomly’s goal is to build brands for their customers. A fun fact about this company is that they don’t have an office, which means they work completely remote. They work from America, Canada and Portugal. They see themselves as a small, but super efficient team. At the moment, they help about 13 thousand companies with social media marketing.

Loomly offers 4 different plans plus a custom package. This involves the same as the custom package of Hootsuite and the price depends on your wishes and needs. Often these types of applications are only used for extremely complicated large organizations. The prices of the 4 plans range from $25 to $250 per month. It is important to know that the payment method for these plans must be done with a creditcard.

Hootsuite vs Loomly which is the best social media tool?
Hootsuite vs Loomly

Hootsuite vs Loomly: differences and similarities

As stated above, Hootsuite is a much larger company than Loomly. The company that forms a team with a few people and does not even have an office. This has the disadvantage that Loomly cannot be reached by phone for any support when needed.

Should you want to test Loomly to see if it is the right tool for you, like Hootsuite, Loomly offers a free trial to get started. The difference between these companies: for Loomly this is a temporary trial period and Hootsuite has a free version which is not temporary. In Hootsuite’s free plan you can use 1 user to schedule 5 posts for 2 different social media accounts. If you want to upgrade your plan eventually then you will pay $39 per month. If you go for Loomly, the price starts at $25 per month. The right choice depends, once again, on your wishes and requirements. Check out our tool for an improved overview of the price-quality ratio and make the best choice.

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