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HeyOrca is on a mission to help marketers around the world to save time. They believe that marketeers should earn their day back and avoid burnout. Quite a nice positioning in other words. Social media plays a crucial role in shaping the culture and community at HeyOrca. The platform is dedicated to helping marketing agencies, professionals and managers to create great content faster. Thousands of marketeers rely on HeyOrca every day. In this blog, we’ll cover what they have to offer and the price they charge for it.

HeyOrca’s prices grow with you

As you must have seen in the title, HeyOrca is available from $99 per month. This immediately sounds quite expensive compared to other social media tools, but it has a reason. HeyOrca doesn’t offer multiple plans to choose from like many of its competitors. This is nice to see though, so they are positioning themselves very different from the other social media management tools. In fact, they only have one plan that costs $99 per month. In addition, they offer additional scheduling calendars that you can add for $59 dollars a month. As soon as you need these extra calendars you have grown your business and only then will you start paying more at HeyOrca. So they actually grow with you.

HeyOrca plans explained

But what exactly do you get for that money? We explain it all in detail here! What also important is to know is that you can get 15% discount when you pay annually. This means that it costs $84 per month when you pay annually and an additional calendar costs only $49 extra per month. But what do you get for this price? HeyOrca, unlike other social media management tools, offers unlimited users, meaning you can log into the platform with as many people as you want. The standard plan can link up to 10 social media profiles such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google my business and Pinterest. What also stands out about HeyOrca is that you can schedule unlimited posts. Suppose you want to post a lot of posts with relatively few social media profiles, HeyOrca is the perfect tool. This is the reason it is already used by many marketeers around the world. Furthermore, the program is equipped with a visual social media calendar, an approval program and multiple reports.

Customer service HeyOrca

Besides these features, customer service is always something important to look at. Because suppose something happens that you have no control over or something doesn’t work the way you thought it would. At HeyOrca you get the best support you can wish for. Although, that is what they say themselves. They call it ‘world-class support’. HeyOrca’s support team offers help within 5 minutes! In addition, they offer 1-on-1 training, so that you encounter as few problems as possible. And don’t forget! This training is free.

Conclusion about HeyOrca’s pricing

What can we say about HeyOrca’s prices? They are a bit different in concept than the other social media management tools, but it can certainly be a good outcome for marketeers of small but also large companies. Starting from $84 per month and expansion options of $49 per month. Click here if you want to try HeyOrca.

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